Monday, March 28, 2011

Video Game of the Dead

I think it's only fair to say that Rebuild was a very fun game and deserves recognition! The game has literally hours of nonstop gameplay, and the strategic turn based dynamics of the game are almost identical to the game Risk. With various tasks such as training soldiers, scouring ruins for supplies, killing zombies and recruiting new survivors, you will always be busy having fun with this challenging zombie strategy game.

I started off on normal difficulty with the largest map size available and named my city "Zed Town" and the lead survivor's name was "Charlie Sheen", pretty cool right? Well, after customizing my game I got right into the action. I saw that I had about 4 squares of land and two of them were farm plots, one of them was a small housing structure, and the other was police station. So, farm land provides food, housing provides shelter and more room for survivors, and a police station is the guard outpost. I had a couple of soldiers, my mayor Charlie Sheen, some scavengers, two doctors, and a few regular survivors that essentially do nothing. Right away I sent out the two scavengers to scope out my surroundings as I had what appeared to be vacant farm land to the west, a gas station to the north, an apartment complex to the south, and a fast food restaurant to the east.

When my scavengers returned it turns out the surrounding area was not vacant at all, and I had to scour each plot with my soldiers before retaking the plots. It turns out sending my soldiers out all at once was not a good idea as there are random attacks on your base that require defenders to be positioned in the guard house! With my city essentially wiped out, I had to restart.

After I had learned the ropes of Rebuild a little better, I had a thriving zombie apocalypse metropolis! My fortress was impenetrable as I was constantly reminded of my first error and did my best to not let that downfall happen again. I'm gonna have to give this game a solid 9/10, the only reason it didn't get a full 10/10 is because of how hard it is for new users to get a good grasp on the rules of gameplay. Develop your own strategy and maybe someday you will rule the small city of "Zed Town" too!
Will you rebuild civilization in the zombie apocalypse? 


  1. I played this before. It wasn't too bad really.Like you, I kept leaving shit unguarded and there were some . . . problems.

  2. This looks pretty sweet, I'll definitely have to check this out.